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Child Support and Spousal Support

Child Support

I have extensive experience in representing both the parent who is obligated to pay support as well as the parent who is entitled to receive that support. As always, I will advise you regarding the strengths and weaknesses in your particular case, will try to reach an agreement with the other party, and if necessary, will litigate before the court and allow the judge to make the determination. My ultimate goal is to accomplish what is best for the children, and we have the experience needed to get results.

Spousal Support

There are a number of factors the court will consider when determining whether one spouse is entitled to receive support in the event of a divorce, how much that support should be, and for how many years the support should be paid. With significant experience in both negotiating and litigation the highly-emotional issue of spousal support, I am able to evaluate your case and give you an honest opinion on your case’s merits.

Spousal support often becomes the most emotionally-charged issue in a divorce, and is often the only one that the parties are unable to agree upon. The more progress you can make to a settlement agreed upon by both parties, the more control both have over the outcome – once your case goes to the judge to decide, it is a matter of risk. I work with clients to make productive progress toward an agreement outside of court, but if the other party is not being reasonable, I am capable and confident in my litigation skills and will advise you to take your case to trial.