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Domestic Assault

Violation of Protective Orders

Having both prosecuted and defended criminal and traffic matters in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Lindsay is able to quickly determine where the strengths and weaknesses lie in the prosecution’s case. She is also able to determine what, if any, defenses you have to the charge(s) you are facing.

Once a complete evaluation of the facts of your case has been completed, and she has spoken with opposing counsel, she will discuss your options with you. You can be assured that Lindsay will always provide you a realistic view of your case –she will not “oversell” or promise she will get you a result that cannot likely be achieved. If she determines that the proof against you is strong, she will work to minimize the impact your charge(s) will have on your life and your future. If she determines that the proof against you is weak, or mediocre, she will tell you that and determine whether it is in your best interest to litigate your case before a judge or jury..

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