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Child Custody & Visitation

The determination of child custody and visitation in Virginia is based upon the standard of what would be in the child’s best interest – how the determination affects the parents is considered to be entirely irrelevant. It is important to keep this in mind as you are wading through the rough waters of a contested custody case – the case is not about you, or how your former spouse or partner treated you badly – it is about what custodial schedule would be best for your child(ren). Because often the emotional aspects of a custody case seem inconsistent with the established law, it is important that you have skilled and experienced counsel to guide you in the decisions that will determine how you proceed with your case.

I make it my commitment to be completely honest with every client. If I see a major weakness in your case, I will let you know, providing a realistic perception of where your case stands. From there, we can work to create a plan to address the issues. I will let you know everything that needs to be done to counter any problematic issues we have identified, and advise you the steps you will need to take going forward to protect yourself and your children.

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